Pineapple Blueberry Orange Smoothie

This smoothie tastes great and I put in some raw egg for added protein. You, of course, can leave that out, it’s just something I like to do. Also, I only use organic farm raised eggs. I’m lucky enough to have an egg lady that I can get fresh ones from but you can also find organic farm raised brands in the supermarket. I know Milos Organic Eggs are a good one to use.

1 Cup Vanilla Yogurt
2 Organic Farm Raised Eggs
1 Cup frozen Blueberries
1 Orange
1.5 Cups of Pineapple — chopped

Drop all this in your blender and there you have it!

Organic Pineapple Blueberry Orange Smoothie
I'm full of antioxidants, protein and good vitamins so drink ME!

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