Orange Pineapple Blackberry Smoothie Delight

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A smoothie was in order; I needed a little pick me up.  But, woe is me, my blender is broken.  So I decided to improvise.  I used my Omega 8006 Juicer. I juiced all my fruits and then stirred in, vigorously I might add, the vanilla yogurt until it was nice a creamy.  It tasted awesomely tart and was perfect for my much needed afternoon snack.  Keep in mind that since I used my juicer, NONE of the fruits were frozen.  Frozen stuff doesn’t juice correctly!

2 Oranges
6 oz of Blackberries
6 oz of Pineapple
12 oz of vanilla yogurt

Orange Pineapple Blackberry Yogurt Smoothie

Mmmmmm, delicious.

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