Eel River Brewing Company Organic Porter

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A friend of mine brought over a sixer of beer.  I’ve never seen or heard of this Organic Porter brand either so I was pleasantly surprised to try something new.  It’s a certified organic Porter by Eel River Brewing Company.  Here’s a little trivia tidbit for you; this is America’s 1st, I’ll repeat that, 1st Certified Organic Brewing Company.  How cool is that?! Very cool.  And, and, this company practices sustainable brewing.  Back to the beer…

This Certified Organic Porter is 5.8% alcohol by volume and is a rich brown in color.  It tastes like chocolate with a subtle hint of coffee and the aroma is almost a caramel scent.  This Porter is so smooth and not too thick that it goes down easy.  Easy like Sunday morning.  It also helps that it’s not filled with artificial filler and other junky funk.

My friend bought this beer at Binnys in Chicago for $11.  You can also look on Eel River’s website to see where this particular company distributes it’s organic goodness.  This company also has a facebook page, just like the rest of the human race, so click that you’re a fan!

Eel River Brewing Company Certified Organic Porter

Drink me, I'm rich and delicious!!

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