Old Hands 2007 Monastrell Organic Red Wine

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Old Hands 2007 Monastrell Organic Red Wine is a product from Spain.  On the bottle it says, “Old Hands is made from low yield naturally grown Monastrell grapes harvested by hand from very low yield old bush vines which grow on the high, dry, windswept plateau of Yelca where they are naturally protected from pests and mildew.”   Very cool  that no pesticides or herbicides are used in the cultivating of these grapes.  Old Hands also proudly supports Autism research.  Wow, a winery that cares about something more than themselves. Very cool x 2.

This organic fermented grape juice took me by surprise on taste.  It was very fruit tart-like, in my opinion.  And in my girlfriend’s opinion it was spicy.  I thought it was going to be a boring red table wine, so not the case.  One remark about the wine states, “Deep ruby black color. Aromas of dried cherry, dark roasted nuts, smoldering beeswax candle, and green peppercorns follow through on a round, supple entry to a dry medium-to-full body with sundried tomato and toasty cedar notes. Finishes with a crisp, chewy tannin fade..”   Hmmm, so fruity tart-ness AND a hint of spice.  So we were both right, even though I’m a little more right than she 😉

I bought this wine at Binny’s in Chicago for $11.

Old Hands 2007 Monastrell Organic Red Wine

I'm spicy and fruity!

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