Carrot Celery Apple Cucumber Juicey Juice

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I’ll start getting into more hardcore veggie juices, but not yet. Baby steps, right? Right. This one is very similar to my Capplery one. I like this one because of the cucumber, it makes it  a little thinner and adds more  nutrients 🙂

4 Med Organic Carrots
2 Organic Celery Stalks
1 Cucumber
2 Organic Apples

Toss into your juicer and drink.  Keep in mind, this makes 2 juices.  I like to share 🙂 So if it’s just you , then save half for later or the next day (although I’ve read in a couple places that they say juices retain all the vital nutrients for at least 20 minutes before becoming oxidized and therefore being depleted of the vitamins and minerals) or cut the recipe in half.

Carrot Celery Apple Cucumber Vegetable and Fruit Juice

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