All Natural Brown Cow Plain Yogurt

I’m on this new kick of eating plain yogurt, but was hard for me to find a decent brand. Until now. Out of the 3 grocery stores by me only one of them carries this particular brand and it’s more expensive but it’s freakin’ delicious. And this is coming from a girl who does NOT LIKE plain yogurt. I was tired of all the ridiculous amounts of sugar in the flavored ones, which lead me to my plain yogurt treasure hunt. And I’m happy to report that All Natural Brown Cow has changed my life. (Not really, I’m being dramatic.)

Brown Cow is Kosher, Gluten-free and rBST free too. I personally think it’s a tad weird when yogurts/sour creams and the like have gluten in them…and who doesn’t like having hormone free yogurt?! Also Brown Cow states that they are American Humane Certified. That’s fantastic news, now what does that mean? It means that they, “Meet American Humane live-stock standards, which include a healthy diet, a comfortable environment, and care that limits stress, promotes health, prevents injury and disease, and allows the animal to express normal behavior.”

Another thing to mention is that right on the container Brown Cow mentions that they dedicate 10% of their profits to the earth. Truthfully, I have not a clue what that one means. I hope they don’t bury their hard earned money hoping for a money tree to grow. I tried that when I was, like, 5 and let me tell you, it does not work.

Make sure to check out the Brown Cow website, they have a store finder and a coupon page.

All Natural Brown Cow Plain Yogurt Cream Top
All Natural Brown Cow Plain Yogurt Cream Top says "Mooooooo"

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