Live-a-Little Organic and Fairtrade Red Wine

Live-a-Little Organic Fairtrade Red Wine

I found this hidden gem at Binnys in Chicago. Live-a-Little Really Ravishing Red is an organic and fairtrade red blend from South Africa. Stella Winery is behind this really fantastic and smooth red. In fact, Stella Winery was awarded the first ever Fairtrade certification from FLO e.V in 2011. Nice work, right? What exactly is Fair … Read more

Organic Wine Time, Again

Candoni Organic Merlot Italian Wine

Candoni Merlot, an Organic Wine with No Sulfites Added It was a night filled with laziness, TV and wine.  Sometimes, that’s the perfect evening.  I picked out this wine solely based on the fact that it was organic.  That, and it was less than 15 bucks.  Both nice things.  The laziness was me, the TV … Read more