Live-a-Little Organic and Fairtrade Red Wine

I found this hidden gem at Binnys in Chicago. Live-a-Little Really Ravishing Red is an organic and fairtrade red blend from South Africa. Stella Winery is behind this really fantastic and smooth red. In fact, Stella Winery was awarded the first ever Fairtrade certification from FLO e.V in 2011. Nice work, right?

What exactly is Fair Trade? Simply put, it’s where all parties involved are treated, well, fairly. Fair in price. Fair in environmental and ethical practices. Very cool. If you would like to read more about Stella Winery and their fair trade practices, click here.

What’s also great about this organic wine is that there are no added sulfites. Which is good. Read what I think about sulfites here.

As for how this wine tastes, it’s hard to say, oh, I detect a strong Merlot with a Pino Noir mixed with a whatever. This red wine is simply a blend of everything wonderful. It’s smooth and goes down easy. We drank this wine on our pizza night, because we’re classy like that, and truthfully, Live-a-Little was perfect. With that being said, I could also picture myself drinking this with a steak too. Live-a-little is seems pretty versatile.

Live-a-Little Organic Fairtrade Red Wine
Live-a-Little Organic Fairtrade Red Wine

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