Santa Julia Malbec 2011

This organic malbec is grown and produced in Mendoza, Argentina. The winery found its beginning  in 1963 by Alberto V. Zuccardi, but is now operated by the son, José Alberto Zuccardi.

What makes this wine so great is that it’s made with 100% organic grapes without breaking the bank.  This organic malbec will run you less than $10. In fact, you can find Santa Julia at Binnys.  And if that’s not enough to make you smile then here’s this:  This family run vineyard uses every means possible to ease their burden on the environment.  They use green fertilizers, recycled H20 while doing other means with energy conservation.

As for the taste… a somewhat floral aroma with a cherry and raspberry fruity mix. A very soft and light organic red wine with slight hint of spice.

Santa Julia Malbec 2011 Organic Red Wine
Santa Julia Malbec 2011 Organic Red Wine goes down easy like Sunday morning

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