Organic Wine Time, Again

Candoni Merlot, an Organic Wine with No Sulfites Added

It was a night filled with laziness, TV and wine.  Sometimes, that’s the perfect evening.  I picked out this wine solely based on the fact that it was organic.  That, and it was less than 15 bucks.  Both nice things.  The laziness was me, the TV was 30 Rock and the wine was Candoni, an organic merlot.  It’s an Italian wine with no sulfites added.  I like the part of no sulfites added.  That means my girlfriend who gets fire knees can drink merrily with me and enjoy 30 Rock without the aid of ice packs.

Onto the taste…

Shannon — Light and slightly fruity, I think I could put this in my pasta sauce tomorrow.  Yeah, I want to use this tomorrow.

Me — Smells good.  Very light.  Fruity.  Goes down easy but not in a smooth way.  Does that make sense?  You can only use this in your pasta sauce tomorrow if I can have some.

Shannon — That makes no sense.  I think I can detect some cherry and some sort of berry-ness.  No strong after taste.  Yes, you can have some.   Make sure we leave a cup’s worth then…

Me — Yeah, no strong after taste.  And I looked it up online, it is cherry, good call, and the berry-ness is blackberry.

My girlfriend did actually use a cup of this wine in her sauce and I have to say, the finished product was awesome.  This wine is good by itself and great in a dish.  Double awesome.

Candoni Organic Merlot Italian Wine
Candoni Organic Merlot Italian Wine

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