All Natural Jamaican Style Ginger Ale by Reed’s

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Sometimes, nothing tastes better than a soda.  Truly.  But do I really want to dump 9 teaspoons of sugar into my body for about 20 minutes of bliss?  Not really.  Switch to diet soda you say?  Don’t get me started on how awful aspartame actually is for your mind and body.  Aspartame contains two amino acids, aspartic acid and phenylalanine which is joined together by methyl alcohol.  It turns out that methyl alcohol is closely monitored by the EPA.  MA is damaging to your DNA.  Even small doses of it.  What’s a little bit if MA in your body, you say?  Well, let’s take it a step further and break that down too.  When MA is consumed, your body/cells convert it into formaldehyde and formic acid.  Formaldehyde is embalming fluid.  No, drinking a diet soda does not taste like embalming fluid, but essentially, that’s what it’s like to your body.  I like my body, it’s been with me a while and I would like it to stay around for a while too.  So what’s a girl to do about a little soda every now and then?  I’m on a quest to find a soda that’s not too bad for you and still taste’s great.  It can’t be that hard to find…

In the grocery store, in the organic section, I found Reed’s Premium Ginger Brew.  It’s an all natural Jamaican style ginger ale beverage.  The ingredients are as follows, sparkling filtered H2O, Canadian white water clover honey, pineapple juice from concentrate, fresh ginger root, lemon and lime juices from concentrate and spices.  Hmmm, doesn’t sound that bad for you.  It’s gluten free, caffiene free, and has zero formaldehyde preservatives.  It also contains 17 grams of fresh ginger root per bottle.  If you’ve never experience ginger, lemme tell you, it can give quite a kick.  I’ve had ginger and I have to be in the mood for it.  Now, onto what it taste’s like!

Shannon: Extremely gingery, well carbonated. You have to like ginger to like this brew.  I would drink and buy it again.

Me: Holy Ginger Snaps Batman, this has a very strong ginger bite!  Can slightly taste the clover honey, carbonated just like a soda.  A little too strong for me.  I don’t want my soda to punch me in the face and I feel like this flavor does.  I would drink it again but I would pass on the buying it.

It looks like, if you’re a fan of ginger you’ll love Reed’s Premium Ginger Brew.  If not, then try other drinks by Reed’s.  To read more about this ginger ale brand and other products by Reed check them out here.

Reed's Premium Ginger Ale Brew

Reed's Premium Ginger Ale Brew -- Jamaican Style!


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