Santa Cruz Organic Lemon Lime Sparkling Soda

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It’s soda time again,  get excited!  I’ve decided to move down the Santa Cruz line, seeing how they offer more than a few choices to pick from AND my grocery store always has them in stock.  I’ve already tried the organic root beer and I did like it, it just wasn’t my favorite.  Time to see what else Santa Cruz has for me.  Next up was their organic lemon lime soda.  I’m not the biggest fan of lemon/lime stuff but I was curious.  So why was I insisting on trying this next?  Well, the monkey on mu back, one of my girlfriends absolutely loves that flavor and wouldn’t stop until I got some for us to try.  And Holy Cow, was this soda good!  Seriously.  I didn’t know what to expect but certainly not this.  It was so tasty and refreshing.  Full of fizz and flavor.

Shann — Quite refreshing.  Very flavorful with the lemon lime and it’s bubbly.

Me — Man oh man, is this yum.  The lemon lime flavor isn’t too sweet or overpowering.  This is my new fave.

While it may be presumptuous to declare this being my favorite soda, I’ll crown it king until I find something (if anything) else.  Check out the ingredients: sparkling filtered H2O, organic evaporated cane juice, organic lemon and organic lime juice concentrates, organic lemon and organic lime juices and organic natural flavors.  Sounds fairly good to me…at least all that a soda can be anyway.

For more info on Santa Cruz and all the products they offer, click here. And makes sure to read about how green a company Santa Cruz is.  I’ll do my part by drinking more of this delicious soda for the sake of our planet 😉

Santa Cruz Organic Lemon Lime Sparkling Beverage

All hail the King of organic sodas. (For now.)

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  1. this is the best soda I have drank and would like to know where I might purchase. I bought a six pack at a discount store way out of town and would like to found somewhere locally (within a 60 mile area.
    thanks Joan

  2. admin

    Hi Joan,

    If you go to their website, they have a place in the top right corner to fill in your zip code and you’ll get a list of places nearby that would carry what ever products you are looking for. I got this pack of soda at Woodmans.
    Hope this helps!


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