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New Belgium’s Mothership Wit Organic Wheat Beer

I like lite beers.  I know they taste like piss water but I don’t care.  A full bodied beer makes me feel full so tap the Rockies, I do.  That is until I got on a health food kick and I wanted to see what kind of organic beers there are out there.  Well, there are more in my hometown than I thought, which is a pleasant surprise.  The first sixer I picked out was Mothership Organic Wit which hails from the New Belgium family.  You might know them by their more popular brew of Fat Tire.  Mothership Wit is New Belgium’s first gander into organic territory.  This particular beer is USDA certified organic and it’s brewed right here in the states.  If that doesn’t get your red, white and blue ass going how ’bout the fact that organic wheat, hops and spices are thrown in here with a slight citrus flavor to boot?  The alcohol content in this baby is 4.8% and only 155 in calories.  Not that you’re counting a silly little thing like calories.  Feel good that you’ll be getting, well actually, the best a beer can be for you.  My girlfriend and I kicked back a few just to tell you how they taste 🙂

Shannon — Cloudy when poured, light head.  Very strong notice of coriander until after a few sips it smooths out.                                    Flavorful.  I like it, beer money well spent.  A lighter tasting wheat beer.  I need another to be sure…

Me — Mmmm, this is really tasty, kinda like Blue Moon, but waaaayy better.  Oh yeah, a strong taste of coriander most              def.  I think it’s kinda the opposite, the more I drink the more I taste.  Like each sip has it’s own little burst of                flava flave.

I had more than one and I didn’t get the bloatness feeling I get with other non-light beers.  Shannon is used to stronger tasting beers, I on the other hand, am not.  Mothership Wit is sold in any major grocery store and at most beer/liquor stores.  I’ve seen this beer at Jewel, Binny’s, Copps and Festival.  My main grocery store sells it for $7.50 for a six pack.  It might seem a tad pricey,  but don’t you think your body deserves it?  Oh, and read about how green a company New Belgium is, that should make you feel good too.   You can save this planet one Mothership Wit at a time.

Mothership Organic Wit New Belgium Beer

Mmmm, beer.

Mothership Organic Wit New Belgium Beer

Mmmmm, how to properly pour a beer.

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