Sulfite Free Wine List

People keep asking me about Sulfite Free wines. Which ones are good? How do you know if the wine is Sulfite Free? Are sulfite free wines organic too? Well, the answers to those questions are: Lots. It says. And sometimes.

Let me give you the run down. Organic wines mean no pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers or synthetic chemicals of any kind are permitted to be used on the grape vines or in the soil.  Also, organic wines use waaaaaay less sulfites. As in, practically none compared to other non-organic wines.  Here’s a blurb on the definition between “No Sulfites Added” and “No Sulfites Detected” thanks to a LaRocca wine rep:

On some bottles of wine, organic and non-organic, you might read, “No Sulfites Detected” this means that this wine has no sulfites that are found. The difference between a label that reads, “No Sulfites Added” and “No Sulfites Detected” is that one has under 10ppm of natural occuring sulfites (a bonded Sulfur dioxide vs the preservative free radical SO2 that is added) and the other when tested, has no sulfites found. Each and every vintage of organic wine must be tested to determine the sulfite count.

Some great tasting and so-so tasting sulfite free wines can be found in your local grocery store or local wine store. And nowadays, practically anything can be ordered online. Check out for example.

Here’s a list of some sulfite free wines to try, click on the links to see what I think about them:

La Rocca — Sulfite free and organic
Candoni Merlot — Sulfite free and organic
Orleans Hill Cabernet — Sulfite Free and organic
Orleans Hill Syrah — Sulfite free and organic
Orleans Hill Zinfandel — Sulfite free and organic
Orleans Hill Coyote Zero
— Sulfite free and organic
Frey California White Natural — Sulfite free and organic
Soban Estate Zinfandel — Minimal Sulfites and organic
Novas Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot — Minimal Sulfites and organic

The list will continue to grow more and more, I just have to get my drinking on 😉

Sulfite free and organic wine
The La Rocca Brand carries sulfite free and organic wines.

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