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My friends and I all love wine.  Personally, I enjoy the reds but I really haven’t met a wine I would say no to.  So, this Summer my mission is clear… I want to find AND enjoy some wines that are organic and possibly with no added sulfites.  Organic wines mean no pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers or synthetic chemicals of any kind are permitted to be used on the grape vines or in the soil.  Also, organic wines use less sulfites.  Let me make this clear, ALL wines have sulfites.  It’s true.  What’s also true is that it would only be trace amounts due to the natural fermentation process but companies load up on sulfur for easier and cheaper wine preservation.  What’s funny is that I have some friends who don’t like wine because it makes them flushed, crampy, have heartburn or in some cases get hives.  Why is that funny?  Because those are side effects for people who are sulfite-sensitive.  It affects more people than you think.  One of my girlfriends get really hot knees when she drinks wine.  I’m telling you, her knees are like on fire.  Will organic wine chill out her knee caps and still taste yummy?

Organic Wine La Rocca Cabernet Sauvignon Sulfite Free
La Rocca Cabernet Sauvignon $12.34

La Rocca Cabernet Sauvignon Organic, No Added Sulfites

The La Rocca is organic and has to added sulfites.  I was skeptical at first, I’ve had organic wines in the past and they taste like grape juice and the sweetness rumbles my tummy before any kind of buzz can kick in.  I had three others weigh in on this Cab, here’s what they said:

Fire Knee Girl Shannon — Fruity, a little dry.  Smooth, goes down easy but noticable particles.  Large legs.

Mark — Very flavorful, good aroma and fruity. Has legs.

Patty — Smooth, light, slightly dry with no after taste.

Me — No grape juice flavor, a little dry.  Light after taste. Some sediments.  Goes down real easy, but what doesn’t?  WTF are legs?

Would I buy this wine again?  You bet. I purchased it at Binny’s Beverage Depot.  Here is the link,  Binny’s Beverage Depot.

And here is the link to La Rocca’s website if you’re interested, La Rocca Vineyards

La Rocca Zinfandel Organic, No Added Sulfites

For the second wine tasting of the evening, we didn’t stray from the La Rocca family,  we tried their Zinfandel.  Here’s what we had to say:

Shannon —   Dark clear purple, spicier than the Cab, fruity like berries.  Very strong fruity after taste, not as smooth as the Cab.  My knees are still at normal temperature.

Patty — More of a floral rich flavor.

Mark — No legs, very subtle flavor, would taste great with a steak.  The more you have the more flavorful it gets.

Me — A lighter taste but with a bite.  This is kinda spicy and I love it. I could go for steak.  Seriously, what are legs?

La Rocca Organic Zinfandel Sulfite Free
La Rocca Zinfandel $12.34

Legs, according to are, “The phenomenon called tears of wine is manifested as a ring of clear liquid, near the top of a glass of wine, from which droplets continuously form and drop back into the wine. It is most readily observed in a wine which has a high alcohol content. It is also referred to as wine legs, curtains, and church windows.”

So there you have it.  Two organic wines with no added sulfites that don’t taste like grape juice and everyone’s knees are fire free.

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  1. Thank you so much for the review. And I am so happy to hear that the knees are cool and calm. I wanted to point out one small detail… If you look at the Zinfandel label it reads “No Sulfites Detected” this means that this vintage has NO Sulfites that are found within the Feberal Governments (TTB) test. So it’s not necessarly true that every wine has some sulfites. The difference between “No Sulfites Added” and “No Sulfites Detected” is that one has us under 10ppm of natural occuring sulfites (a bonded Sulfur dioxide vs the preservative free radical SO2 that is added)and the other,when tested, has no sulfites found. Each and every vintage of organic wine must be tested and results submitted to the TTB along with organic certification. So not every vintage will be the same, but right now LaRocca Vineyards has 4 wines with no sulfites detected, including the first ever all organic sparkling wine. Thank you for enjoying and cheers to organics!

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