Organic Wine Take 2

After a day of doing errands, boring errands at that, it was time to sit back and relax outside with the couple hours of sunshine left. While basking in the sun I felt that something was missing. Something red, kinda fruity, maybe even organic… any guesses? Wine! You’re so smart. I had my fire knees friend friend pick out the wine.  She chose Luzon Verde.  Luzon Verde is from Spain and made with 100% organic monastrell grapes. From my 8th grade espanol lessons I know that verde means green and to prove my spanish speaking prowess the bottle even has grass blades on the front label.  See mom, I did pay attention in school!

Luzon Wine Organic Wine
Luzon Verde 2007 $8.54

Luzon Verde 2007, an Organic Wine from Spain

This wine is organic but does contain more than just the natural sulfites.  Keep in mind that the amount of sulfites in organic wines are usually less than the non-organic kinds.  Now, onto what Shannon and I had to say about the taste:

Shannon —  Kinda dry.  Has a grape-y aftertaste.  Not too much going on.  Good thing it’s cheap.

Me — I like cheap.  Plain tasting.  A little hint of grape-ness.  Is it bad to say it’s boring?

There you have it, Luzon Verde is boring but cheap.  Would we drink it again?  Yes, we would.  But would we pay for it?  Maybe.  There are other organic wines out there in that price range I would try out first before I would revisit this one again.   Until next time!

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