Snacks — Plantains

Snacks are underrated.  All the latest diet trends spout words of wisdom ordering you to eat small portions and don’t snack.  And if you do need to snack grab some carrots sticks or other veggies.  That’s all well and good but truthfully, when I want something to nibble on, a carrot is not gonna cut it.  I also know that a big bowl of ice cream isn’t gonna cut it either.  So what’s wrong with meeting in the middle, a food that can satisfy your hunger and your brain at the same time?  Absolutely nothing.   This is where fried plantains come in.  Don’t go all crazy on me and say, “Fried?!  There’s nothing healthy about fried!”  Fear not friends, I don’t mean deep fried in vegetable shortening (like most bars/restaurants).  I mean lightly pan fried, and more specifically, lightly pan fried in extra virgin cold processed organic coconut oil.  Oil is oil, you say?  Well, not exactly.  This type of oil has a medium chain of fatty acids which helps promote a higher metabolism rate, plus it’s easier for your body to digest because it’s processed directly by your liver to convert it into energy.  Meaning, this is the “good” fat that your body needs.  Cheesecake?  High in fat and not the good kind.  Avacados?  High in fat, but the good kind. Vegetable oil?  High in fat and not the good kind.  Coconut oil?  High in fat, but the good kind.  Please don’t go and eat a scoop of this oil by itself thinking you’re being healthy but use it on the food you cook with.

Want to know more about your fats?  Check out this Weston A. Price website —

Onto the good stuff!

How to Fry a Plantain Banana

You can buy plantains at any chain or local grocery store.  They’re the things that kinda look like bananas, but bananas on steroids.  If you buy them green, wait until they ripen to a dark yellow or even a little yellow-blackish.  Peel them and slice them up however you like.  I prefer slicing them shortways as opposed to longways.  I like ’em a little crispy.  Use a frying pan with a thin layer of coconut oil covering the bottom.  Turn up the heat to a medium setting and plop those bad boys in and sprinkle some salt on.  I like to use himalayan salt, but that’s another blog.  Check the underside and when it gets to your cooked liking, flip ’em.  When finished, place the tasty treats on a paper towel covered plate and give them a few minutes to cool.

Let’s recap:  1 plantain
pinch o’ salt
enough oil to lightly cover the pan — add more as needed.

Healthy Snack, Plantains

My brain and tummy are now satisfied 🙂

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