Organic Oatmeal and Chocolate Cookies

I know I said I’m on a mission to find the best Peanut Butter Cookie recipe BUT, so what if I make a couple pit stops with other types of cookies along the way.  Maybe I just need to cleanse my palate, if you will.  On to yummy Oatmeal Cookies!!

I tried to make them somewhat healthy.  Okay, perhaps “healthy” is a bit of a stretch for cookies, but I tried.  Here goes nothin’…

2 1/2 Cups of organic quick or old fashioned oats, uncooked.
3/4 cup of organic wheat bran
1 cup organic raw sugar  — As I’ve stated before I feel that this type of sugar is the lesser of evils, it’s less processed and
that’s always a good thing.
2 Organic grass fed, free range eggs — They are slightly larger and taste awesome, try ’em.  It’s worth the extra money!
1/3 Cup organic extra virgin coconut oil
1 Tsp of vanilla
2 Tsp cinnamon
1 Tsp baking soda
A little bit of dark chocolate — I used Green & Blacks Organic Dark Chocolate. It’s 70% Cocoa.

All I did was mix the liquids first, then put in the dry goods.  For the liquids you can use a beater or just some arm muscles to stir it all up.  Add in the sugar and oats and all the rest.  As for the chocolate, I used about 1/4 of the bar, but feel free to add more.  Next time I know I certainly will 🙂  Chop it up, some fine slivers and some chip size.  Mix it all up one final time and throw on a non-greased cookie sheet.  Fire up your pit to 375 degrees and let these bad boys soak up the flames for about 10 minutes.

Organic Oatmeal and Chocolate Chip Cookies
Cookie Monster approves!

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