Orleans Hill Cabernet Sauvignon Organic Wine

When I lived in Chicago I would drink Orleans Hill wine sometimes.  It was organic and contained no added sulfites.  Less sulfites makes for less headaches and less fire knees.  WTF are fire knees, you ask?  Well, some of the side effects of sulfite-filled wines are: headaches, cramps, flushed face and/or body and in some cases even hives.  One of my girlfriends get really really hot knees.  Fire knees, in fact.  When she told me of her problem, I laughed and called her crazy.  Then I looked at her knees, they were bright red and when I touched them they were literally fire hot.  Seriously.  It was quite bizarre.  Since then I have been trying to find good organic, no sulfites detected wines.

Orleans Hill winery change up their line of products.  Every year they bring out a new kind of wine for a change of pace.  Which I think is pretty cool.  Wouldn’t you get bored of making the same thing all the time?  I would.  And so do they.  So for their peace of mind and for our benefit we get a variety of reds (and a white).  The one I recently tried was a Cab Sav.  I’m a fan of Cab Savs in general but this one really is all that and more; especially when you consider it’s organic, no sulfites, inexpensive AND mouthwatering tasty!

I found this wine at Binny’s, but have also found in at my local grocery store and some wine shops too.  It sells for under 10 bucks.  At Binny’s it was $8.50 (sale price, it’s normally $9.99) and at a wine shop, in Green Bay, I found it for a dollar more.  Can’t find it in your area?  Then check out Binny’s site or this WineLibrary site to order and have it delivered.  I make it conveinent, no?

This Orleans Hill Cab Sav had such a smooth taste, from beginning to end.  I didn’t find it dry at all and no bitter taste.  It had a light fruity berry flavor and not really any spices.  My girlfriend and I easily drank the bottle when usually we can’t.  What can I say, the wine went down good that night.

For some other organic or low on the sulfite wines look here, here and here.

Orleans Hill Cabernet Sauvignon Organic Wine, No Sulfites Detected
Perfecty smooth, so rich in flavor...MMMmmmm.

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