Grimbergen Blonde Belgium Abbey Ale

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This is the best beer ever.  EVER.

I know I usually talk about organic beers and whatnot but I simply couldn’t help myself.  This fermented beverage is just too good.  To quote them directly, “This beer was first brewed back as far as the middle ages by Norbertine monks.”  Well, those monks sure knew what they’re doing!  I would never have tried this beer but my girlfriend creates websites and she does some work for the Norbertines.  It was mentioned to her to try this beer, because, well, they make it – duh.  So she did but didn’t want to try it out alone.  Enter me.  So my new found BFF brought over a sixer and I was really blown away.

This bubbly blonde brew is imported from Belgium and has an alcohol content of 6.7%.  Fairly powerful fermented barley and hops!  I tried to find out how many calories are in this bad boy but it seems impossible to find.  A few reviewers thought it would be in the ballpark of 160 – 180.  It may be high in calories but this beer is light tasting, which is always nice – for me anyway.  It has a perfect balance of sweetness (kinda fruity) in the beginning and bitterness hop taste towards the end.  The carbonation is medium and the color is a golden yellow.  The sweetness does get to you towards the end but it’s the perfect brew if you’re only drinking one or two.  I’m a light weight, so one for me.

Grimbergen Blonde Belgium Abbey Ale

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