Blue Sky Free Lemon Lime Soda

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Sometimes a girl just wants a lemon lime soda.  Normally I turn to my Santa Cruz Lemon Lime by to my dismay I was out.  After a few deep breaths I saw that we had a Blue Sky version of my beloved soda.  I’ve had a few Blue Sky products and as a whole, I’m a fan.  But this was no ordinary Blue Sky soda in a can, this was Blue Sky FREE.  What’s the free part you ask?  It means it’s diet.  It’s made with fake sugar called Truvia.  It’s the nowadays “healthy” form of sugar.  Honestly, I’m not entirely sold on this idea but sometimes you have to throw caution into the wind and try it.

And so I did.

Can I get my caution back?  This soda was sssssoooooo disappointing!  It tasted so watery and so very diet-y.  Barely any flavor at all.  The carbonation was off too.  It also gives you this fake sugary aftertaste.  Boo.  Blue Sky make several other Free sodas that most likely I will never try.  Two reasons:  I don’t like diet drinks.  And I don’t LIKE DIET DRINKS.

I looked in my grocery store for a regular version of lemon lime but they don’t carry it.  The store said that diets are better turnovers.  Gross.  How sad, because,  Blue Sky makes a regular Lemon Lime and an Organic Lemon Lime bubbly drink that I would most likely enjoy.

Blue Sky Free Lemon Lime Soda

Free is not a good thing here 🙁

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