Releaf Chenin Blanc Organic White Wine

I do love me some Organic Releaf Red Wine and so I decided it was time to try the Organic Releaf White. White wine tends to be sweet to me and this one was no different. It has a somewhat citrus and tropical flavor to it. But it’s not so over powering. It would go great with a crisp salad, seafood or strawberries as a dessert.

Releaf Wine is a product of South Africa and has an alcohol content is 13%.  And something else that should make you feel good about drinking Releaf is that this particular wine company uses partially recycled glass for the wine bottles and labels that contain recycled paper with sustainable inks. Nice, huh? Drinking Releaf gives YOU “Releaf” while giving the environment “Releaf” too. So do your body and environment good: drink Releaf Wine!

This Organic Wine can be found at your local grocery store for around $10. Get to drinking!

Releaf Organic Chenin Blanc White Wine
Releaf Organic Chenin Blanc White Wine

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