Organic Cherry Fruit Ale Beer

I like beer.  And I also like fruit.  So why not put them together?  Well, that’s at least what  the Samuel Smith Brewery thought.  This beer is made with organic wheat and organic barley combined with the tartness of organic cherry juice in this one of a kind fruit ale.
I’ve never had a fruit ale before and man, oh man, was this ever fruity!  My girlfriend and I decided to split it, just in case we didn’t like it, we only had one bottle of it and I wanted to be fair.
It comes in a heavy dark bottle that’s a little more than your average fill of beer. (A pint and a few ounces.)  The alcohol content is 5.1%.  Not bad…  The color is a deep amber one and the smell is exactly what the label says; cherries.  Same with the taste; cherries.  It’s hard to say that this is a beer, because it sorta taste’s like most wine coolers to me.  Fruity bubbly goodness.  My girlfriend says she can taste a slight malt undertone after a few sips.  I call her BS and have to disagree.  I taste an initial cherry flavor with cherry undertones and a cherry aftertaste.  Although, I didn’t mind the warm fuzzy feeling this carbonated cherry juice gave me 😉

Samuel Smith Organic Cheery Fruit Ale
I love adult kool-aid!!

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