Organic Beer, England Style

Now I know you’re not supposed to pick out your beers based upon cute bottles, BUT it was really cute and I simply couldn’t help myself.  Cute bottle must mean delicious beer, right?  Well…maybe not.  The beer in question was St. Peter’s Organic English Ale.

I wondered why the bottle itself caught my eye.  When I checked out their website it stated that the bottle is replica of a 500ML oval medicine type bottle that dates back to the 1770’s.  Pretty fancy.  Now let’s talk about what you really want to know: what it tastes like!

I’m not a fan of really bitter beer and this was really, really bitter beer.  It pours a light medium color with what looked like to me, a normal amount of head.  The carbonation was light.  And the hops overpower you with bitterness.  I know some people have said that they get slight lemon flavors but in no way did that come thru on this beer tasting night.  It was completely earthy bitterness.  And kinda on the light side, meaning the liquid was not syrupy at all.  But as I said earlier, the bottle is cool.

St. Peter’s brewery is actually in England and they have a large variety of this fermented beverage.  If you want a stout, they got you covered.  In the mood for something organic?  That too.  Maybe gluten free?  No problem.  Fruit ale, honey porter, seasonal ale.  I think you get the idea.

St. Peter's Organic English Ale
See how cool the bottle is?!?

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