Redbridge Gluten-Free Sorghum Beer

Redbridge is my first ever gluten-free beer. The problem I have with wheat beers is NOTHING compared to someone with Celiacs Disease or some other problem like a food allergy but if I drink something like a Blue Moon, just call me Pass Gas Priscilla. It seriously keeps me up at night, and this little mama needs her beauty sleep. Even if you’re saying, “Gross. Beer doesn’t bother me like that at all” I still suggest you try this beer. Maybe you could give your body a break from all that work to process hard grains.

Redbridge has somewhat an interesting background. First, the madmen behind Budweiser bring you their first gluten-free fermented beverage. It was on the market with around a 4.7% alcohol content. However, since it’s about 4% it is not allowed to be sold in all 50 states. Personally, I think that is beyond ridiculous but that’s another rant. I mean, come on, one of these states (Colorado) has legalized the use of medicinal marijuana, but a beer that ‘s over 4% alcohol — that gets the smack down. You would think they would be a bit more liberal or whatever… ANYWAYS, Redbridge had too much “happiness” so Anheuser-Busch pulled it from the shelves. They supposedly re-vamped it by redo the magic formula that was once Redbridge. Now, it’s back STILL gluten-free, just a little bit booze-y free. And I have to say, I loved it. It was light, like your typical watery light beer but it still had a good taste with a little amount of hoppy flavor. Although that could have just been my mind playing tricks on me. The carbonation was normal, and it smelled, well it smelled like beer. You know, it is what it is and I liked it.

Redbridge is made with Sorghum, which is still a grain, it’s just different and it’s safe for party people to drink up with out the worry of wheat or gluten floating around in their bodies. For a sixer of this gluten-free beer it’ll run you 7 bucks at your local grocery store.

Redbridge Gluten Free Sorghum Beer Wheat Free Barley Free
Even my picture on the bottle tells you my name; Redbridge

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