Raw Chocolate Brownies with Icing

Mmmm, raw brownies are the BEST. This particular raw / vegan recipes are for my friends:

The actual brownie:
1 Cup Pecans
1 Cup Dates (Pitted)
4 TBS of Shredded Coconut
4 TBS of Organic Cocoa Powder
2 TBS Cocoa Nibs  — the Cocoa Nibs are not necessary but I like the added crunch 🙂
1 TBS Agave Syrup
Pinch of Sea Salt

Toss all of the above into your food processor and whip away. It will be a little crumbly, don’t worry. If you find it too crumbly, add a little bit of Coconut Oil, or more agave syrup if you want it sweeter. Dump the contents into a 9×9 glass tupperwear. Next up is the icing.

1 Cup H2o
1 Cup Dates
1/2 Squeezed lemon juice
1/2 Cup Organic Coconut Oil
Pinch of Sea Salt

Soak the dates in the water with the lemon juice for about 30 minutes or so. Pit the dates and put them in the food processor. KEEP the soaking water. Along with the dates, add the sea salt and Coconut Oil. Begin blending. Add about a TBS of the reserved H20 at a time until the icing becomes creamy. How mushy/creamy you want it is up to you. Usually I add around 3 TBS worth.

Now, spread the icing on the brownie and toss into the freezer for a hour so it can chill up. After that, I would store it in you refrigerator.
Easy Raw Vegan Chocolate Brownies with Icing

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