Natura Cabernet Sauvignon Organic Red Wine from Emiliana

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I tried this new organic Cabernet Sauvignon and it was excellent. So, I looked upon the bottle to see what vineyard it was from. This Natura Cab Sav is born and raised in the Emiliana vineyard and made with organic grapes. What I also found was another bottle of wine in my arsenal with a different name but born and raised in the same Emiliana vineyard family. Which leads me to believe that Emiliana makes more than a few different wines. Upon further research, Emiliana has Biodynamic Wines, Organic Wines and Integrated Management Wines. Their Natura brand falls under the Organic Wine category. To read more about the Emiliana vineyards click here. Emiliana makes good wine while making good on the environment too. Very cool.

Natura is organic, yet quite inexpensive. I bought it for a little over $8 from my local grocery store. This organic wine does contain sulfites, but faaaar less than the non-organic wines do. My girlfriend got no reaction from this red wine. Fire knees and heat rash free here! Natura is medium-bodied with some not too sweet berry flavors mixed with a hint of cocoa. Be prepared: this wine goes down a little too well 😉

Natura Cabernet Sauvignon Organic Red Wine from Emiliana

Natura Cabernet Sauvignon Organic Red Wine from the Emiliana Vineyards


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