Boxed Pomi 100% Pure Tomatoes

I always had some reservations about using canned tomato products.  One, for the leaching of toxins from the tin cans.  Tomatoes have such high acidity that the resin from the cans creates BPA.   And two for the use of other ingredients.  Since when do you need other junk (salt, citric acid) mixed with chopped tomatoes??  I don’t.  So, I looked high and low for strained tomatoes and crushed tomatoes in a glass jar.  That hunt didn’t go so well.  But, BUT I did find them in a box.

Pomi, a product from Italy has strained and chopped 100% pure tomatoes in a box.  A box sounds so classy right?  Well, let me finish.  There are NO artificial flavors, NO salt added, NO preservatives, NO water added, and NO citric acid.  Just tomato, pure and simple.  I found these little jewels in my local grocery store but I know you can also purchase them online at Amazon or other vitamin shop places.  These boxes at my store run just under $3 and I know that sounds like good chunk of change and it is, but the boxes are also 750 grams/26.46 oz of goodness.

I use this stuff in a lot of my cooking and it always tastes fantastic.  Plus, it makes me feel better that I’m using better quality ingredients in my diet.

Pomi Chopped and Strained Tomatoes, 100% Pure Tomatoes

Pomi Chopped and Strained Tomatoes, 100% Pure Tomatoes
Look, no bad stuff!

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