Sam’l Smith Organic Strawberry Fruit Ale

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Time for a good ‘ol fruit ale beverage.  The last one I tried was a Sam’l Smith Cherry so why not go the same route again??  This go around I decided upon the Strawberry flavor.  I like strawberries and I like bubbly beer; it sounded like it was time to try them out together.

First off this beer is more like a big gulp.  It’s 1 pint 2.7 fluid oz (or just 18.7 fl oz) of pure organic goodness, right down to the actual strawberry juice!  The taste is sweet, just like a strawberry.  Really, they nailed that flavor dead on.  I feel like I could spread this on my bread and have a snack of strawberry jam and toast.  This handcrafted fruit ale also packs a punch of 5.1% alcohol.  Although, after you drink one I don’t think you could drink another one.  It is super sweet and that sweet flavor stands loud and proud right down to the last drop.  Since this is an import (England) it is one the pricey side.  This fruit pop will set you back about 6 smackers.

Sam'l Smith Organic Strawberry Fruit Ale

Strawberry jam in its liquid form.

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