Healthy Easy to Make Dog Treats

I love my dog.  She’s my best friend with four feet. Honestly.  And I love to spoil her with treats.  But they are a little costly and I don’t really want to give her treats with a million different ingredients in them either.  Lets take Del Monte’s Pup Peroni ingredients, shall we:

Beef, Meat by-Products, Soy Grits, Sugar, Liver, Salt, Propylene Glycol, Garlic Powder, Caramel Color, Natural Smoke Flavor, Potassium Sorbate (used as a preservative), Sodium Nitrite (for color retention), Red 40, BHA (used as a preservative), Onion Extract. Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein 24%, Crude Fat 12%, Crude Fiber 2%, Moisture 24%

Very interesting… Meat By Products are basically all the crap leftover from a cow, chicken, whatevs.  Dogs need meat.  Dogs need certain fats and protein too.  So why would I feed my beloved friend non-meat products sprayed with meat smell to make my dog think it’s meat?  Sounds waaayyy too manipulative for a freakin’ treat.   Think about it, things that aren’t good for you to put in your body kinda aren’t healthy for Fido either.  Sugar is not good for dogs.  Red 40, not good.  Sodium Nitrate, not good.  Natural smoke flavor, nope.  BHA, no no no. Click here for more info.

Take the time to make some treats of your own.  It takes no time at all and it’s cost effective as well.  The only pain in the ass is the actual baking time.  It takes 20 minutes on one side then you hafta flip for another 20 minutes.  But isn’t your dog worth it?

1 cup organic oats — you DON’T have to use organic ingredients; if I have them I use them.  It’s a personal choice.
2 cups all purpose flour — use whatever kind you want, BUT keep in mind that some dogs do have wheat allergies.
1 cup organic natural no salt added peanut butter — yes, I know I can be a tad ridic on what I feed my pooch.
1 cup H2O
1/4 cup organic extra virgin coconut oil — this one I am adamant about what oil to use.  Coconut oil is full of healthy
fats and nutrients pertainant for optimal health in humans AND dogs.
1 organic grass fed, free range egg

Whip all of it together and flatten the dough and make little bars out of it or use a cookie cutter (like I do) and place on a non greased cookie sheet.  Try to make them thin, not paper thin, but thin.  Voila!  You’re a Master Chef… to your dog.

Evie after Healthy Organic Dog Treats
This is Evie. Evie would say hi, but she's a little sleepy.

Healthy Organic Homemade Dog Treats
Yummy to your doggy's tummy!

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