Orange Berry Bliss Smoothie

Orange Pineapple Blackberry Yogurt Smoothie

Try this little tasty treat for a jump start to your morning or as a pick-me-up snack in the afternoon. 2 Oranges 1 Clemetine 1/2 Cup Blackberries 1 Cup Pinepple 1/2 Cup Plain Brown Cow Yogurt Toss this deliciousness into your blender and hit play. This makes 2 fairly large smoothies. My roomie says it’s … Read more

Blackberry Blueberry Orange Pineapple Smoothie

Blackberry Blueberry Orange Pineapple Smoothie

This smoothie is a just delicious. Berries are oh, so good for you and nothing beats a fruit smoothie on a warm day. This smoothie packs a punch of health nuggets such as: Vitamin A, Vitamin B1 and B6, Vitamin C, Vitamin K and Vitamin E. Minerals include Manganese, Potassium, Copper and more. And don’t … Read more

Beet Carrot Celery Red Pepper and Tomato Juice

Beet Carrot Celery Red Pepper and Tomato Juice

Beets are not my favorite veggies. At all. Not even close. Buuuut, if I juice ’em then they’re not so bad. And beets are actually very healthy for you. Beets are loaded with Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and C. Beets are also a great source of calcium, magnesium, copper, phosphorus and iron. Celery is … Read more

Carrot Apple Spinach Beet and Cucumber Juice

Carrot Apple Spinach Beet and Cucumber Juice

4 Carrots 1 Apple 1 Beet 2 Handfuls of Spinach 1 Cucumber Chop it up and juice it for a power punch of vitamins and minerals. The apple and carrots add some sweetness to the earthy beets and spinach. For other great juicing recipes click here, here and here.

Pineapple Blackberry Blueberry Orange Smoothie

Pineapple Blackberry Blueberry Orange Smoothie

Nothing beats an ice cold smoothie on a hot day! Since I live in Green Bay, the hot day I’m referring to is in the 60’s 🙂 All my Florida friends can kiss it. Anyway, here’s the goods — 2 Cups chopped Pineapple 1/2 Cup Blueberries 3/4 Cup Blackberries 3/4 Cup Organic Whole Milk — … Read more

Vegan Strawberry Coconut Orange Smoothie

Vegan Strawberry Coconut Milk Orange Tangerine Smoothie

Coconut milk is such an underrated product. I heart it. Big time. It’s got good fats and it’s a nice break from dairy products. Anyway this smoothie tastes great and gives me a great boost of energy. 1/2 Cup Coconut Milk 2 Cups Strawberries 1 Orange 1 Tangerine Drop it like it’s hot (in your … Read more

Sobon Estate Zinfandel Organic Wine 2006

Sobon Estate 2006 Organic Zinfandel Rocky Top Red Wine

I tried a new organic red wine the other day from California. Amador County to be exact. It’s a 2006 Rocky Top Zinfandel made from organically grown grapes. The alcohol content is 14.2% and the cost is around 12 bucks. While this wine does contain sulfites, here is a blurb from their website on why … Read more

Dreamcicle Orange Pineapple Smoothie

Orange Pineapple Vanilla Yogurt Smoothie

My new blender has been ordered, so it’s just a few more days until I don’t have to make my smoothie’s the poor man’s way! Hooray! But until then… here’s another yummy and easy to make smoothie.  For the fruit, I just used my Omega 8006 juicer to make it liquid and then I added … Read more

Carrot Celery Apple Cucumber Juicey Juice

Carrot Celery Apple Cucumber Vegetable and Fruit Juice

I’ll start getting into more hardcore veggie juices, but not yet. Baby steps, right? Right. This one is very similar to my Capplery one. I like this one because of the cucumber, it makes it  a little thinner and adds more  nutrients 🙂 4 Med Organic Carrots 2 Organic Celery Stalks 1 Cucumber 2 Organic … Read more