Orleans Hill Zinfandel Organic and Sulfite Free Wine

There are some brands of wine that I buy without reading what kind it is.  This certainly goes for Orleans Hill wine.  It’s organic and with no added sulfites.  Sounds good enough to me.  Plus, I know I enjoy some varieties already.  I hadn’t tried the Zinfandel kind yet and I was looking forward to it.  And it doesn’t hurt that this particular brand of wines easily runs you less than $15 and sometimes if there’s a sale at your grocery store less than $10.  Nice, right?

When it can time to pop the cork, I was left a little unsatisfied.  The strong aroma comes bursting out when poured and the color is a deep rich purple.  The first few sips were a bit on the harsh side for me.  Maybe I wasn’t expecting the full robust pepper flavor.  The strong spice flavor stays strong till the end.  You can still get a jammy taste from all the berries, it’s just not as pronounced.   With all that I said, I think this wine would accompany most foods just fine.   I will defintiey try this wine again when I’m in a more adventurous mood.

Orleans Hill 2008 Zinfandel Organic and Sulfite Free
Careful, I may be spicy!

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