Orleans Hill Organic and Sulfite Free Syrah Wine

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Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to introduce the wine winner of the “Wine of the Week”  from the Santa Rosa Press Democrat.  This award was based upon a blind taste test of 10 other organic red wines.  What also makes this an awesome feat is that this particular wine is the cheapest out of all 10.  Cheap as in less than 10 bucks.  And less than 10 is good people; my money tree in the backyard is not growing those greenbacks like it should!  Another thing I found interesting is that is also won against a Bonterra Cabernet. I haven’t had their Cab Sav before but I have tried their Chardonnay and it was pretty tasty.  To read more, skip on over to the Daily Red/Orleans Hill website.

As I have preached said before, sulfite free and/or organic wine is so much better for your body.  Now don’t go all Popeye on me and drink a bottle a day for muscles.  Extra sulfites added to wines simply better preserve wine or they use them for the fact that it will help the wine ferment faster.  Sulfites for you just mean a foreign substance that your body can’t break down easily and may leave you with headaches, flush-ness, hives, cramps…yada yada.  As for organic that means no pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers or synthetic chemicals of any kind are permitted to be used on the grape vines or in the soil.   Less bad junk for the good junk you’re drinking!

This Syrah is full bodied and I thought very rich tasting.  I didn’t find it too sweet at all.  I know some friends that have said one of its fall backs is that it tends to really sweeten up towards the end.  I however, did not have that problem.  For me it kinda just stayed strong the whole way through.  I know this is a bit of a no-no but I didn’t finish the bottle.  So I stuck the cork back in and had it a few days later.  It still tasted just as good.  Actually, maybe even more so.  I think I liked it better when I left it out.

Orleans Hill Organic and Sulfite Free Syrah Wine

I'm organic and sulfite free, drink me!

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  1. connie

    I bought a case of this wine while I was in McCall Idaho last year. I live in Thousand Oaks, Ca. Where, Oh, where can I find it out this way?

    Thank you,

  2. admin

    Hi Connie,
    You can find their wine at Whole Foods, Henrys in SoCal, and many other wine shops.
    I hope you find it!

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