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Pacific Redwood Organic Cabernet

Posted by on Wednesday, 5 December, 2012

Pacific Redwood Organic Cab hails from Redwood Valley, California. This organic red wine is great for vegans and for people looking for a sulfite free wine. Pacific Redwood Organic Cab is made with organically grown grapes and processed naturally, with NO added sulfites or other synthetic preservatives. Nice, right? You, betcha. Pacific Redwood also totes about natural farming in general, which I find very cool.

This organic cab is full-bodied with hints of cherries and chocolates. I also found that this organic cabernet had a bit of spice to it. The first sip went down easy, just like the rest … Read the rest

Orleans Hill Cabernet Sauvignon Organic Wine

Posted by on Thursday, 1 July, 2010

When I lived in Chicago I would drink Orleans Hill wine sometimes.  It was organic and contained no added sulfites.  Less sulfites makes for less headaches and less fire knees.  WTF are fire knees, you ask?  Well, some of the side effects of sulfite-filled wines are: headaches, cramps, flushed face and/or body and in some cases even hives.  One of my girlfriends get really really hot knees.  Fire knees, in fact.  When she told me of her problem, I laughed and called her crazy.  Then I looked at her knees, they were bright red and when I touched them they … Read the rest